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A selection of our work is available for purchase at Crompton Collective, located at 138 Green Street in Worcester. Crompton Collective is a unique shopping experience, filled with handmade and vintage treasures from numerous local vendors and artisans. Come check it out! #shopcrompton

Contact us at or fill out the form below:


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. are you open in your store @ Webster Square on week-ends – we were given your name and postcard from the Futon Shop in worcester – and Elizabeth said we should contact you for some ideas for a room we are trying to decorate.
    Hours and location ?
    Thank you, Bonnie

  2. my sweetness – your sites look amazing, and your work is timeless, elegant and beautiful – and i love seeing it all, and how much do i love everything – but moreso, love you both.
    so proud and so much love and peace, always…rjb

  3. I was referred to you from Amy at Crompton…I have a floor mirror that is the perfect size, I just want to change the box…I’d love to collaberate to see when we can come up with!
    Thanks, Sue

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